Chiropractic Testimonials

"I found Ft. Caroline Chiropratic Clinic to be very professional and courteous. I also found Dr. Sessions to be an extremely knowledgeable and professional in her field. Her treatments were exactly what I needed. I had lower back pain which started out being a problem once in a while. Over time it was becoming more frequent amd more painful. Dr. Sessions was able to determine the areas causing my problems and began treatment.

After just a few visits my back started to feel a lot better. She continued the treatments and now I do not have any issues with my back. I also had some issues with my neck which I didn't realize was part of a spine issue. She treated the area and now I have full pain free movement of my neck. I continue to do once a month maintenance visits to keep the spine in its normal position. Back pain is probably the most aggravating pain you can have in your body. No matter what you do you have pain. Once it's fixed, you can appreciate the importance of keeping your spine in proper position."

- Art P.

" Thanks to Dr. Sessions I finally walk pain free. I had severe back and foot pain, but am now completely free of all pain. Dr. Sessions' knowledge and expertise have changed my life. She always goes beyond just being a doctor and makes my day a little brighter with her warmth and kindness."

- Stephanie O.

"Dr. Sessions had little over a week to prepare Shelley C., a patient with lumbar disc-herniation, for a two week trip to Africa. Shelley was treated intensively every other day, combining multiple therapies for maximum recuperation. Shelley came back with pictures proving she was able to enjoy her trip. "I am so grateful! Without her, I wouldn't have been able to go to Africa."

- Anonymous 


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Admin Hours Only

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