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Posture Correction

My definition of poor posture is very simple. Any habitual positioning that causes unnecessary strain on the body. It can be caused by static stress such as slumping, sitting long periods in front of a computer or studying, standing while performing repetitive tasks with the head down, repetitive awkward movements, and even poor sleeping positions. However, evidence has shown that static sitting for long periods of time creates the largest postural stress on the body.

What is Forward Head Posture and How can it negatively affect my Life?

The most common type of poor posture is called “Forward Head Posture” and is successfully treatable and preventable. It is evident by the ears protruding forward past the level of the shoulders rather than being in line with the shoulders. Patients often describe symptoms of extreme tension or tightness in the front of their necks, and pain and discomfort in the back of the skull and shoulders. As “FHP” progresses over time the brain attempts to level the eyes by increasing the head tilt on the skull and causing major headaches and tension behind the eyeballs. This is a sign that the condition has become chronic and more complicated.

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